DMS is made up of "know-how people" who are experts in providing effective solutions through detailed technical analysis during drilling & completions operations.
The company supplies professionals such as:
Completion Supervisors
specialize in safely and economically bringing your well with maximum production. Completion supervisors work closely with our clients and their engineering teams to ensure each well is completely optimized.
Drilling and Completion Engineers
DMS's drilling engineers supervise safe drilling, completion and workover operations at Client's rigs to ensure that drilling operations are safe,
environmentally conscious and cost-efficient. We'll apply our expert knowledge and skills in the many aspects of safe and environmentally
friendly drilling and completion operations.
We have an experienced engineers, their responsibilities include:
  • Designing wells in support of a field development;
  • Preparing cost estimates and assessing risk;
  • Reporting and optimizing operations;
  • Applying technology and innovation in directional drilling, mud systems, casing and drill string design, and completions;
  • Supervising drilling, completion and workover operations;
  • Managing the logistics and reporting of operations.
Drilling Supervisors
To be effective, the rig Supervisor must develop a knowledge of drilling operations, apply optimization techniques to improve drilling performance, demand safe work practices, and protect the environment. Accomplishing these objectives requires a systematic refinement of technical, leadership, and communication skills.
Supervisor shall predict timing and the sequence of drilling activities, develop contingency plans for interruptions or problems, control costs with logistical planning, maintain working conditions within operational limitations, and effectively communicate with others. Developing operational knowledge requires keeping good records and a clear understanding of the well plan and objectives. Good records and procedures help prevent accidents, preserve properties, and save money.
Operational knowledge includes the subjects of well geometry, well control, downhole and surface equipment, location, logistics, and records (trip tank, kill sheet, drillstring record, contractor equipment, rental equipment, service companies).