HSE & Environmental Specialists
DMS's HSE & Environmental Specialists ensure safety at the workplace by implementing health and safety standards.
HSE & Environmental specialists will manage health and safety activities in alignment with company objectives, goals, and OHSAS 18001 for onshore well operations, surface facilities and construction sites . Develop and implement strategies for attaining a proactive and participative safety culture to include active engagement of employees and management. Provide advice, counsel, and training on injury prevention and hazard reduction strategies. Conduct risk assessments, ergonomic evaluations, program audits, safety inspections, radiation surveys, accident investigations, respond to emergencies, and recommend appropriate hazard control measures. Evaluate occupational health risks. Monitor effectiveness of hazard control strategies, adjust where needed, and communicate results to all employees. They will be working closely with Client and subcontractors, cooperating with their Representatives via significant presence in the field.