WORKOVER (WO) Supervisors
DMS's Work Over and Completion Engineers, their responsibilities include:
  • Modeling completion performance;
  • Performing stimulation technologies (for example, acidizing, fracturing, water shutoff) based on well and reservoir diagnostics;
  • Designing and installing sand control applications (for example, gravel packing, frac packing, consolidation);
  • Optimizing completion and workover designs and operations;
  • Designing horizontal and multilateral wells;
  • Determining primary and remedial cementing procedures along with the design and installation of tubulars, packers, subsurface control and surveillance equipment;
  • Evaluating and selecting appropriate equipment to achieve completion objectives;
  • Designing through tubing and concentric workovers and intelligent completions;
  • Preparing cost estimates and assessing risk in terms of probability and potential remedies;
  • Supervising completion and workover operations.
In logistics planning, the logistics supervisor concentrates on the timing and resources needed for upcoming operations. The timing of personnel and equipment needs can be projected from evaluations of past drilling records with adjustments for present rig performance. Upcoming operations should be discussed with contractor and third-party personnel who may provide insight on planning and procedures.

Coil Tubing Supervisors
The Coil Tubing Supervisor is the Company Representative for Coil Tubing jobs and is responsible for the
safe and cost-efficient execution of all related activities in accordance with the program. He reports to the
Field Head Well Services and coordinates the site requirements with office and field base.
The Coiled Tubing Supervisor is responsible for organizing, overseeing, and performing all types of coil tubing jobs.